All proceeds from the John Tracy Center Invitational Golf Tournament benefit The John Tracy Center, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to providing parent-centered services locally and globally to children with hearing loss, offering families hope, guidance, and encouragement.

John Tracy Center was founded in 1943 by Louise Tracy, wife of Hollywood legend Spencer Tracy, with the help of JTC’s first chairman, Walt Disney himself. Named in honor of the Tracy’s son John, who was born deaf, JTC has remained committed to helping children who are deaf and hard of hearing develop speech, language and listening skills, and has equipped parents with the knowledge, support and training necessary to help their children achieve their full potential. Today, JTC is recognized as the leader in early-childhood listening and spoken language education, and internationally acclaimed as the world’s largest private provider of services to young children with hearing loss.

As a non-profit organization, John Tracy Center relies on the generosity of compassionate supporters. Over the last 80 years, our donors have made it possible for JTC to help hundreds of thousands of children with hearing loss learn to listen and speak–  in Sothern California, across the U.S. and from 139+ countries around the world. Wont you join us?

To learn more visit www.jtc.org